Our People

Our people are driven by a common purpose and shared values, both of which guide them in every interaction with our stakeholders.

  • Anthea picture

    I’ve found great friends and a mentor at CCCS who have been very supportive in my work and growth by challenging me to be and do better!


  • Caris

    Great colleagues make great workplaces. The strong teamwork culture in CCCS helps get through the toughest work day.


  • Cindy Chang

    3 words to describe CCCS: Collaborative, Supportive and Challenging-but-fun!


  • Herbert Fung

    At CCCS, you learn about new industries and technologies with every other case and project, and never get bored!


  • Ming Jie

    Why play by the rules when you can make them? Working with the government to make markets competitive is immensely fulfilling, when you see your work improving the lives of yours, mine and fellow Singaporeans.

    Ming Jie

  • Shamsiah

    CCCS is a close-knitted working environment where everyone does their best in their own area of expertise; and at the same time collaborates to complement one another.


  • Nicholas picture

    The work at CCCS is interesting and the colleagues here are helpful and easy to work with.


Know our people

CCCS's success relies on developing leaders of the future, at all levels within the organisation. To that end, we invest in our staff, build on their strengths and develop them.

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