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Our People

Our people are driven by a common purpose and shared values, both of which guide them in every interaction with our stakeholders.

  • CCCS officer Lynette Chua


    This is the best place to be if you’re interested in competition work and/or have a knack for understanding industry and sector specific business models. The opportunities here are endless.

  • CCCS Director Teo Wee Guan

    Wee Guan

    Not many jobs give you diversity, engagement at an operational level and exposure to broad perspectives. But you can find them all here in CCCS!

  • CCCS officer Terence Seah


    CCCS is the place to be if you’ll like to apply your Economics knowledge in the Public Sector!

  • CCCS officer Eugene Chen


    It’s great to work in an organisation like CCCS where there are no strangers and you know everyone else!

  • Caris2


    Nice colleagues who are willing to share knowledge/skills and cohesive working environment.

  • CCCS officer Steven Chia


    The work in CCCS is challenging, but very satisfying!

  • CCCS officer Lim Li Yng

    Li Yng

    With the work-life framework CCCS has in place for staff, it makes it a lot easier for me, as a working mother, to juggle between work and family.

  • CCCS officer Tang Ee Mei

    Ee Mei

    To stay relevant in the dynamic field of competition law, CCCS provides its officers with opportunities for development, including overseas training and attachments with established competition authorities around the world.

CCCS's success relies on developing leaders of the future, at all levels within the organisation. To that end, we invest in our staff, build on their strengths and develop them.

Get to know some of our people by clicking on the following profiles.

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Last Updated on 01 April 2018