Meet Anthea, the officer from the Consumer Protection Division

CCCS officer Anthea

Being a fresh graduate, you have many career options, what attracted you to join CCCS?

I was enticed by the job scope as it presented a broad range of opportunities to learn. From investigations to policies, and law to economics, the role promised novel and exciting challenges. With the broad portfolio, I was convinced that the exposure would contribute to my career and personal development, and ultimately, to staying relevant.

The role in consumer protection also resonated with me. Consumerism is our lifestyle and an important aspect of our lives. Taking this on meant that I could play a part in making an impact not only on the Singapore economy, but also in our daily lives.

Can you share with us your experience working in CCCS as a fresh graduate?

Transitioning into work life and establishing one’s career path is probably the most significant hurdle for a fresh graduate. I am truly fortunate to be welcomed into CCCS. The guidance and mentorship have allowed me to develop greatly in my work and on a personal level. I am very appreciative of the room to explore and support to try out new initiatives and ideas. Although I joined as a fresh graduate, I was treated as a key member of my division – a team that continues to learn, grow and develop together.

Being a young officer, work is important but it is not everything in life, how does CCCS support you to achieve work-life balance?

CCCS is progressive and understands the importance of personal well-being for its staff. This is exemplified through the various welfare benefits and leaders. Two progressive perks available are the flexibility to work from home and Sports Wednesdays where we can leave work early to work-out. Additionally, the leaders are understanding toward officers who are on leave, and try to allow them to enjoy it fully.

If you have to give advice to a young graduate, what would it be?

There are two factors that I prioritised in my job search. Firstly, the environment/culture of an organisation – find a place where you enjoy coming to work, a place that values you and you can contribute to, and a place where you can develop. Secondly, find work that interests you. As my mentor says, “it is important that you can find value in it.”