Inter-agency Cooperation

Cooperation Agreements

Cooperation agreements provide CCCS with a framework to cooperate with other competition agencies on competition law enforcement including areas such as notification of cases of mutual interest or significant impact, coordination of enforcement activities, exchange of information, as well as technical cooperation and experience sharing.  Such agreements also serve to enhance CCCS’s capabilities to handle a broader spectrum of cases, including many which have a cross-border dimension.

(a) Japan Fair Trade Commission (“JFTC”)

CCCS entered into a cooperation agreement with the JFTC on 22 June 2017. This is CCCS’s first cooperation agreement with a foreign competition agency. This agreement contains provisions on notifications between CCS and JFTC on enforcement activities, coordination of enforcement activities, exchange of information and technical cooperation. A copy of the MoC can be found here.

(b) Indonesia's Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition ("KPPU")

A Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU") to facilitate cooperation on competition enforcement was concluded between CCCS and KPPU on 30 August 2018. This is the first MoU on enforcement cooperation of competition law between CCCS and an ASEAN competition authority. A copy of the MoU can be found here.

(c) Competition Bureau Canada ("CBC")

A Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU") to facilitate cooperation between CCCS and CBC in the enforcement of their respective national competition and consumer protection laws was inked on 17 September 2019. This is the first MoU between CCCS and an overseas enforcement agency that covers both competition and consumer protection laws. A copy of the MoU can be found here.