International Relations

CCCS works with our foreign counterparts to promote competition by mitigating non-tariff barriers, building necessary capacities and rendering technical assistance, as well as cooperating on cross-border competition matters.  CCCS also cooperates with its counterparts to protect consumers and increase awareness of issues relating to consumer protection. To this end, our engagements with foreign counterparts include:

  • Entering into agreements with foreign competition agencies/governments e.g. negotiating FTAs with competition chapter to establish a level-playing field for businesses;    
  • Forging strategic engagements with key foreign counterparts to foster closer cooperation in competition and consumer related matters;
  • Participating and contributing actively at the various international competition and consumer fora so to shape the development and implementation of best practices in (a) competition policy and law and (b) consumer protection matters; and 
  • Monitoring emerging competition and consumer protection trends and developments, and identifying international best practices, to operate a robust and enlightened competition and consumer protection regime in Singapore.