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Anti-Competitive Behaviour

In this section, you will get an overview of the different types of anti-competitive behaviour.

Strong and vibrant economies have competitive markets at their core. In a competitive market, new ideas are constantly generated and new businesses set up, challenging the position of incumbents. As a result, businesses are spurred to be more efficient, innovative, productive and responsive, thereby becoming stronger over time.

Competition leads to a greater variety of goods and services and brings benefits to consumers. More importantly, it ensures that Singapore has a dynamic business community able to respond to the needs of a changing world. Activities that impede or restrict effective competition ultimately  hurt consumers, businesses and Singapore’s long term interest.

The Competition Act establishes a generic law to protect consumers and businesses from anti-competitive practices of undertakings.

The Act covers three main types of anti-competitive behaviour. These are:

  • Agreements, decisions and practices that prevent, restrict or distort competition ("the Section 34 prohibition")
  • Abuse of a dominant position ("the Section 47 prohibition")
  • Mergers that substantially lessen competition ("the Section 54 prohibition")

Updated Date

Last Updated on 31 March 2018