Approach Us

CCCS invites you to make use of the services it offers to businesses and the public as part of our duties to administer and enforce the Competition Act.

In this section, you will find comprehensive information on how you can do the following:

  • Make a complaint to CCCS
  • Seek CCCS’s guidance or decision on your organisation’s trade practice if you are concerned that it may infringe the Act
  • Apply for leniency if you are involved in a cartel and wish to come forward
  • Notify CCCS on a merger or an anticipated merger for decision if you are concerned that it may infringe the Act
  • File an agreement under the Block Exemption Order
  • Provide information to CCCS on cartel activity
  • Submit a commitments proposal
  • Seek advice by government agencies

Thank you for contacting CCCS.  We are committed to serving you to the best of our abilities and seek your understanding, patience and respect to create a positive service experience.  Please note that our officers may stop responding or take other appropriate action if they encounter unreasonable or abusive language/behaviour.