Advice to PUB on Water Closet Installation Rates

In July 2018, the Public Utilities Board (“PUB”) requested advice from CCCS in relation to publishing negotiated rates for certain types of plumbing services.

As part of PUB’s initiative to replace non-water efficient water closets, basins and kitchen sink taps in HDB flats with water efficient models, PUB had negotiated for a set of rates to be provided by member plumbers of an association, for the ineligible households to replace to more efficient fittings for purpose of water conservation at their own cost. PUB would like the rates, as well as the list of plumbers who would be carrying out the plumbing services and their contact details, to be published on the association’s website, so that the information may be accessible to the public.

CCCS took into account PUB’s policy considerations and made several recommendations to mitigate or address any potential competition impact that may result. In particular, CCCS recommended that the ability of plumbers to independently set their own prices for the relevant works should be restored in the market within an appropriate amount of time.