Advice to URA on the development of a more competitive environment for the deployment of electric vehicle (“EV”) charging infrastructure

With Singapore’s vision to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles and have all vehicles run on cleaner energy by 2040, the development of charging infrastructure has become an area of interest. In this regard, the Urban Redevelopment Authority consulted CCCS on the design of its competitive pilot tenders for EV charging deployment in public car parks and the creation of a more competitive environment for EV charging services in private car parks. To this end, CCCS provided guidance on how to design a competitive tender for EV charging services in public car parks, including suggestions on how to (i) ensure sufficiently-sized car park bundles; (ii) provide sufficient information to tenderers; (iii) prevent EV charging operators from using market power to charge high prices; and (iv) carry out good practices to deter bid rigging. CCCS also provided advice on how to intensify competition for the supply of EV charging services in private car parks by encouraging commercial building owners to carry out competitive tendering processes and the implications of interoperability standards requirements.