Feedback / Complaints

CCCS administers the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (“CPFTA”) and Competition Act.


Before making a complaint, please note the following:


1. General


CCCS does not provide legal advice nor views on hypothetical scenarios.


As the administering agency of the CPFTA and Competition Act, it is not appropriate for CCCS to advise you on the application of the law. You may wish to seek your own legal advice.


If the subject matter of your complaint does not fall within the scope of the prohibitions under the Competition Act, the CPFTA, or CCCS does not have the powers to conduct an investigation into the subject matter of your complaint, we may redirect you to the relevant government agencies. Please note that for the matters listed below, you may wish to approach the relevant authorities:

Active mobility 
 After Death Services
 Data Protection
 Electricity Gas and Renewable Energy
 Food Product Safety
 Health Products
 Product safety mark and weights
 Telecommunications and Postal service
 Tourism and Tour Guides


You may also find some of the answers to your questions in the Frequently Asked Questions page.


2. Consumer Protection Matters


CCCS does not assist consumers in disputes with suppliers nor in obtaining redress. Under the CPFTA, the Consumers Association of Singapore (“CASE”) and Singapore Tourism Board (“STB”) are the first points of contact for consumer complaints. CASE will assist aggrieved consumers to obtain redress, and in some cases, compensation through negotiation and/or mediation. For assistance, please approach CASE at 6277 5100 or visit


  • For more information on lodging a complaint to CASE click here and refer to Question 7;
  • For more information on transactions which are excluded under the CPFTA, refer to Question 3 here; and
  • For suppliers or employees who wish to whistle-blow or provide evidence of an unfair practice by a supplier, refer to Question 10 here.

If you are a supplier and have issue with another supplier, you may wish to seek your own legal advice or bring your case to the Small Claims Tribunal (“SCT”). More information on bringing a case to the SCT can be found here.


3. Competition Matters


If you suspect that any business, company or organisation is engaged in anti-competitive conduct that infringes the Competition Act, please file a complaint with CCCS.


Complaints can be lodged if you believe there has been a breach of any of the following prohibitions under the Competition Act:


Complaints may not be pursued if they fall within the specific exclusions, for which CCCS has no powers to conduct an investigation. For more information on exclusions from the Competition Act, please click here.


4. Filing a Complaint


To file a complaint, you should have the following information ready:


  • Information about you and the organisation you represent (if applicable);
  • Information about the party or parties involved;
  • A brief description of the unfair practice, agreement, abusive conduct or merger that you are complaining about;
  • Any other relevant information and supporting documents.
Online Form The online form is a convenient way for you to file your complaint with us.
Hotline You may contact us at 1800 325 8282 (airtime charges apply for mobile calls to 1800 service lines). For calls from overseas, please contact us at (65) 6325 8282.


We will contact you by email and/or telephone in five (5) working days, and we will keep you posted on the outcome of your complaint.


Thank you for contacting CCCS.  We are committed to serving you to the best of our abilities and seek your understanding, patience and respect to create a positive service experience.  Please note that our officers may stop responding or take other appropriate action if they encounter unreasonable or abusive language/behaviour.