Feedback / Complaints

Essentially, there are two types of complaints that we handle as follows:

1) Complaint against an errant retailer regarding an unfair trade practice

The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) remain the first points of contact for local consumers and tourists respectively to handle complaints. They have readily available channels, such as online feedback forms, through which local consumers and tourists can obtain assistance. When reporting an errant retailer for unfair trade practices to CASE or STB, please ensure that you have the following documents:

  • Police report (if any);
  • Receipts / Invoice / Delivery order; and
  • Other supporting documents

CASE/STB will assist them to obtain redress/compensation by negotiating with the supplier and/or facilitating mediation between parties.

Local consumers/tourists can also make a claim in the Small Claims Tribunal (SCT) for claims of up to $10,000 (or $20,000 if both parties give their consent). Alternatively, the CPFTA provides consumers with the right to sue in a court against suppliers for engaging in unfair practices and seek monetary redress or other appropriate remedies/relief.

Errant retailers who persist in unfair trade practices will be referred to CCCS for investigation. As the administering agency of the CPFTA, CCCS can gather evidence against the errant retailers, file timely injunction applications with the courts and enforce compliance with injunction orders issued by the courts.

2) Complaint against anti-competitive conduct

If you suspect that any business, company, or organisation is engaged in anti-competitive conduct that infringes the Competition Act, please file a complaint with CCCS.

Complaints can be lodged if you believe there has been a breach of any of the following prohibitions under the Competition Act: 

Before making a complaint, please note the following:

  • CCCS is unable to provide you with legal advice or provide its views on hypothetical scenarios
  • Complaints may not be pursued if they fall within the specific exclusions, for which CCCS has no powers to conduct an investigation. For more information on exclusions, please click here.  
  • Competition matters relating to the following sectors will be handled by the respective sector regulators. These are:
    - Telecom
    - Media
    - Electricity
    - Gas
    - Airport

    please go to Useful Links.

If subject matter of your complaint does not fall within the scope of the prohibitions under the Competition Act or CCCS does not have the powers to conduct an investigation into the subject matter of your complaint, we may redirect you to the relevant government agency.

File a complaint

To file a complaint, you should have the following information ready:

  • Information about you and the organisation you represent (if applicable);
  • Information about the party or parties involved;
  • A brief description of the agreement, abusive conduct or merger that you are complaining about;
  • Any other relevant information and supporting documents.

You can submit your complaint to us via the online form, email, post or fax. You are advised to submit your complaint via the online form or email for quicker response.

Online Form

The online form  is a convenient way for you to file your complaint with us. However, our online forms do not support attachments. If you wish to submit supporting documents, we recommend that you email to us directly. 


If you have supporting documents, download CCCS's Complaint Form and email the completed form together with the supporting documents to Please indicate “COMPLAINT” in the subject header.


You can send the completed CCCS Complaint Form by post at:

Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore

45 Maxwell Road

The URA Centre, #09-01

Singapore 069118


(Please mark "COMPLAINT" clearly on the top left hand corner of the envelope so that we can speed up the processing of your complaint).


You may fax the completed complaint form to us at (65) 6224 6929.

If you have any queries on how to complete the complaint form, you can contact our hotline at 1800 325 8282.


You may contact us at 1800 325 8282. For calls from overseas, please contact us at (65) 6325 8200.

Complaint processing procedures

We will acknowledge your complaint within three (3) working days, and we will keep you posted on the outcome of your complaint. 

At the onset, we will check if the subject matter of your complaint falls under the scope of the prohibitions under the Competition Act. If it does not, we may redirect you to the relevant agency. If the subject matter of the complaint is under CCCS’s purview, you may be asked to provide further information. If the complaint cannot be substantiated, the matter will be closed and we will inform you accordingly.

If the complaint can be substantiated with the relevant information, we will evaluate the impact of the conduct in question you have complained about on competition.

We may launch a formal investigation if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that competition law has been breached by the agreement, conduct or merger (or in the case of anticipated mergers, will be breached if the merger is carried into effect). In deciding whether to launch a formal investigation, we will also take into account our strategic priorities and merits of the case.