Reward / Whistle-Blowing Scheme

CCCS is interested in hearing from persons with useful information on cartel activity in Singapore. If you are aware of cartel activities and wish to provide the information, you may write, email or call the CCCS hotline at 1800 3258282 to provide such information. Examples of useful information include:

  • Companies/businesses who are part of the cartel;
  • Origins of the cartel;
  • The nature of the industry where the cartel is operating;
  • Documents or other information evidencing the agreements, decisions or practices of the cartel.

CCCS undertakes to keep strictly confidential your identity and any information that may lead to your identification. Our officer will want to talk to you to obtain as much detail as possible. If our officer's initial assessment is that you have information that is likely to be of value to us, we will want to meet you to discuss the information in more detail. In appropriate cases, a monetary reward can be paid to informants for information that leads to infringement decisions against cartel members.

For more information, you can refer to our FAQ here.