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Competition Act

The Competition Act The Key Prohibitions Regulations and Orders CCCS Guidelines
The Competition Act was enacted to provide a generic competition law to protect consumers and businesses from anti-competitive practices of private entities. The Competition Act hasthree prohibitions. The regulations and orders are made pursuant to the powers conferred under the Competition Act (Chapter 50B). Guidelines are intended to help businesses understand how the CCCS will administer and enforce infringements of the prohibitions in the Act. This will improve transparency and provide greater clarity to businesses on the competition law regime. These Guidelines are finalised after seeking inputs and feedback from the public.
Accessthe Competition Act(Chapter 50B)via the Singapore Statutes Online. The three prohibitions are:

1. anti-competitive agreements, decisions and practices ("the section 34 prohibition");

2. abuse of a dominant position ("the section 47 prohibition"); and

3. mergers and acquisitions that substantially lessen competition ("the section 54 prohibition").

Accessthe following Regulations via Singapore Statues online:

  1. Competition Regulations
  2. Competition (Notification) Regulations
  3. Competition (Transitional Provisions for Section 34 Prohibition) Regulations
  4. Competition (Fees) Regulations
  5. Competition (Composition of Offences) Regulations
  6. Competition (Appeals) Regulations
  7. Competition (Financial Penalties) Order[Competition (Financial Penalties) (Amendment) Order 2010]
The 12 Guidelines published are:

  1. CCCS Guidelines on the Major Competition Provisions 2016
  2. CCCS Guidelines on the Section 34 Prohibition 2016
  3. CCCS Guidelines on the Section 47 Prohibition 2016
  4. CCCS Guidelines on the Substantive Assessment of Mergers 2016
  5. CCCS Guidelines on Merger Procedures 2012
  6. CCCS Guidelines on Market Definition
  7. CCCS Guidelines on the Powers of Investigation in Competition Cases 2016
  8. CCCS Guidelines on Enforcement of Competition Cases 2016
  9. CCCS Guidelines on Lenient Treatment for Undertakings Coming Forward with Information on Cartel Activity2016
  10. CCCS Guidelines on Filing Notifications for Guidance or Decision with respect to the Section 34 Prohibition and Section 47 Prohibition 2016
  11. CCCS Guidelines on the Appropriate Amount of Penalty in Competition Cases 2016
  12. CCCS Guidelines on the Treatment of Intellectual Property Rights in Competition Cases

The Practice Statements published to date:

  1. CCCS PracticeStatementonthe Fast Track Procedurefor Section 34 andSection47Case

Updated Date

Last Updated on 02 April 2018