Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act

The Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act


List of unfair practices

The Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (Cap. 52A) or CPFTA was enacted to protect consumers against unfair practices and to give consumers additional rights in respect of goods that do not conform to contract, and for matters connected therewith.


The regulations were made pursuant to the powers conferred under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (Cap. 52A).

Section 4 of the CPFTA defines what is an “unfair practice”. To help businesses and consumers better understand what constitutes an unfair practice, the Second Schedule to the CPFTA sets out a non-exhaustive list of unfair practices.

Access the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading ) Act (Cap. 52A) via the Singapore Statutes Online.

Access the following Regulations via the Singapore Statutes Online:

1. Cancellation of Contracts Regulations 2009

2. Motor Vehicle Dealer Deposits Regulations 2009

3. Notifiable Events Regulations 2016

4. Opt-Out Practices Regulations 2009

5. Regulated Financial Products and Services Regulations 2009

List of unfair trade practices