AsLEA Conference Plenary session: Perspectives on Competition Issues in the New Economy

AsLEA group photo

At the plenary session of the 15th Asian Law and Economics Association (AsLEA) Conference, representatives from several competition authorities in ASEAN shared their agency experiences on how the dynamics of competition have been altered in the new economy, as well as how authorities have responded to competition cases in the new economy. The session also discussed actual competition cases handled by the authorities in the region.

The speakers were:

> Professor Sakon Varunyuwatana, Ph.D (Chairman, Office of Trade Competition Commission, Thailand)

> Mr. Dendy R. Sutrisno (Head of Regional Office in Surabaya, KPPU, Indonesia)

> Dr. Benjamin Jr Radoc (Director, Economics Office, Philippine Competition Commission)

> Dr. Tan Hi Lin (Director, Policy & Markets, Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore)

> Dr. Peerapat Chokesuwattanaskul (Lecturer in Law and Economics, Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University)

The session’s moderator was Dr. Robert Ian McEwin, Head of Competition Consulting Asia.

AsLEA Plenary Speakers