Podcast: Competition and Consumer Protection in Singapore

Founded and hosted by Rayner Chew, JC 2 student at Raffles Institution, Economics Lah! is a podcast series that talks about economic issues and topics in Singapore. It aims to inspire an interest and deeper passion in economics amongst students and youths.


In Episode 2, Dr Tan Hi Lin, CCCS’s Senior Director (Policy & Markets Division) dives into the role of CCCS in making markets work well. He explains what competition and consumer protection laws are and how they benefit the economy. In addition, he discusses the importance of competition in creating opportunities and choices for businesses and consumers in Singapore. Past cases, such as the anti-competitive Grab-Uber merger and the cartel involving fresh chicken distributors, are also covered.


Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1i2fGTdiEooFEx5TGK9O69?si=AWq4cgPvR_Se9nFEWfBdDw