On-Air with MoneyFM

On Air with MoneyFMCCCS’s Consumer Protection division partnered with the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) for a series of four radio talkshows on MoneyFM 89.3FM discussing pressing consumer issues and unfair trade practices.

On 17 January 2019, CCCS officers Jack Teng and Davina Wong discussed the topic “The Beauty Industry Remains the Most Complained About Industry” and shared stories and feedback to illustrate key consumer grievances and common sale tactics, along with consumer and supplier tips.

The second session was aired on 29 January 2019. The topic on “Perils of Online Shopping and Prepayments” highlighted common tactics employed by online retailers such as hidden charges, pre-ticked boxes and drip pricing during the sharing on online shopping, as well as the infamous closure of California Fitness and the resultant $1.09 million in prepaid monies lost by consumers. CCCS officers Lena Soh and Anthea M Tan shared with listeners some of the common complaints to encourage consumers to take extra care and for suppliers to be more transparent.

“The Errant Contractor and Motoring Sectors” was discussed on 31 January 2019 with CCCS officers Henry Lee and Siru Chen highlighting another problematic industry and educating consumers to use resources such as CASE checklists to better understand the transactions and terms and conditions. Suppliers were encouraged to take on the CASETrust Accreditation and to be upfront about the provision and condition of goods and services supplied.

The last session of the series was aired on 21 February 2019 with CCCS officers Angus Xie and Davina Wong who talked about “The Errant Electronics Sector and Protecting the Elderly”. This final episode touched on the rising issue of the electrical and electronics industry, and schemes targeting the elderly that warrant extra attention. Complaints received were also shared to remind consumers what they should be careful of and how they should navigate situations, along with good practices suppliers can adopt.