Updated ASEAN Capacity Building Roadmap for Competition

The ASEAN Capacity Building Roadmap for Competition (ACBR) was first developed in 2017 to assist ASEAN competition authorities in strengthening their capacities to implement competition policy and law. The ACBR has recently been updated and it lists various capacity building initiatives that ASEAN will be undertaking in the area of competition for the period of 2021-2025.

The Roadmap has been designed around six (6) categories of activities - Fundamental Training, Advocacy, Enforcement, Institution Building, Thematic Training and Cooperation. Each category identifies suggested activities for the five-year period. The updated Roadmap identifies two main pillars for ASEAN’s capacity building needs: the Enforcement Pillar and the Institution Building Pillar. While both reinforce each other, the required focus will shift more towards enforcement as the institution develops.

Click to access the updated ASEAN Capacity Building Roadmap for Competition.