Reply to ST Forum Letter on Public Consultation of NTUC/ Kopitiam Merger

CCCS has provided more details on merger

We thank Mr Paul Chan Poh Hoi for his views on the proposed acquisition by NTUC Enterprise of Kopitiam and its subsidies (Give public more info on Kopitiam-NTUC merger; Oct 3).

The information provided by third parties during the public consultation period plays an important role in the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore's (CCCS') assessment of mergers.

For this reason, CCCS' public register makes available information relating to a merger transaction that describes the merger parties involved, the rationale for it and a description of the business activities of the merger parties.

Information on parties who would be affected by the transaction and the possible competitive effects and efficiencies arising from it is also available.

This information helps interested parties to better understand the merger transaction, and enables them to raise specific competition concerns on or show support for the transaction to the CCCS.

Mr Chan suggested that the CCCS could provide more information including the financial background of the merger parties in the proposed acquisition for the public to provide meaningful feedback.

The CCCS is legally restricted from publicly disclosing a company's commercially sensitive information.

However, we appreciate the public interest in this matter, and have updated the public register to include further details on the merger parties' supply into the affected markets, and the claimed efficiencies.

The public register can be accessed via CCCS' website (

Teo Wee Guan
Director (International and Strategic Planning)
Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore