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PaRR 2017 Global Trends Monitor

The Policy and Regulatory Report (PaRR) has published the 2017 global antitrust trends report. Singapore is featured alongside other Asian countries (see page 21) in addition to China, USA, Brazil and the European Union. The article touched on CCCS's five-pronged strategy for 2017, including the use of big data to identify and tackle potential competition issues in the digital economy and the challenges of applying competition law to digital markets.

The Single Economic Entity Doctrine in Competition Law

This article seeks to explain the Single Economic Entity Doctrine under competition law, address common questions and misconceptions regarding the doctrine, and highlight the implications for businesses.

Transforming Markets Through Competition

World Bank and International Competition Network recognised that a timely and well-rounded competition advocacy campaign by the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore ensured that a disruptive and controversial technology which stimulated competition (third-party taxi booking apps) was legalized within the regulated public transport market. Read more in pages 36 - 38.

Designing Auctions to Protect Competition and to Promote Efficiency and Revenue

The Journal of Competition Law & Economics has published a CCCS staff paper in its June 2016 issue. The paper provides an overview of different auction designs, compares their antitrust risks and effectiveness in achieving allocative efficiency and revenue maximization, and discusses some proposals to mitigate antitrust risks.

Rebalancing Competition Policy to Stimulate Innovation and Sustain Growth

The Asian Journal of Law and Economics has published a CCCS staff paper in its May 2016 issue. The paper explores how innovation affects market structure, unlike economics literature which typically examines how market structure affects innovation.

Do Retail MFN Clauses Lead to Softening of Competition?

The Asian Journal of Law and Economics has published a CCCS staff paper in its March 2016 issue. The paper presents an assessment of Retail Most Favored Nation ("RMFN") clauses under Singapore's competition law framework.

A Decade in Control

The Journal of International Financial Law Review (Euromoney) in London has interviewed CCCS's Chief Executive, Mr Toh Han Li, in a Q&A segment in their annual Merger Control Survey 2017. The publication featured CCCS's view on merger control trends in 2016, its priorities and agenda for 2017 and a look at some of the key recent developments.

Singapore antitrust regulator to focus on cartels, bid rigging and SMEs, chief executive says

Antitrust enforcement remains a priority for CCCS with an emphasis on cracking down cartels, Chief Executive Toh Han Li told MLex in an interview. He said that with bid-rigging cases in the pipeline, the regulator's outreach program will extend to government agencies this year, and he hopes a proposed finding against chicken suppliers for price fixing will drive home the message that competition law also applies to SMEs.

The Antitrust Source Interview with Toh Han Li June 2015

Toh Han Li, Chief Executive of CCCS, reflects on the particular challenges of applying competition law in a small mercantile jurisdiction, noting that local transactions, not multinational ones, are often the most problematic.

Can Buyer Power be used as a Defence - A View from Singapore

The Journal of European Competition Law & Practice 2014 has published a CCCS staff paper in its Jan 2014 issue which discussed whether "buyer power" can be used as a defence in merger, dominance,and antitrust proceedings.

Tea with the Law Gazette: Interview with Mr Toh Han Li

The Law Gazette talks to Mr Toh Han Li, the newly appointed Chief Executive of the CCCS, on the latest happenings and initiatives undertaken by the CCCS and the challenges that it is facing, both locally and abroad.

Concurrence Review An Interview with Yena Lim

Concurrences conducted an interview with Ms Yena Lim, on her role and experience as Chief Executive of the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore.

Competition and Intellectual Property Law in the Innovation Age: A Fine Balancing Act

Emerging legal issues in current times are beginning to blur once rigid lines of demarcations - one such being that between Competition and Intellectual Property Law. A closer look at the interface between the two is provided here.

Assistant Chief Executive (Legal & Enforcement) interview with Law Gazette on CCCS' work and cases

The Law Gazette magazine (an official publication of the Law Society of Singapore) has published an interview piece with Mr Toh Han Li, Assistant Chief Executive (Legal & Enforcement) of CCS covering CCCS' viewpoints on our work and case decisions.

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