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Annual Reports

The Game Changer (FY 2016/17)

Disruptive innovation can be described simply as "The Game Changer" - a theme that encompasses the tremendous impact of disruptive technologies and new business models on markets.

Helping Markets Soar (FY 2015/16)

“Helping Markets SOAR” is a theme which encapsulates the roles and underlying functions of CCS – to help markets that are made up of businesses and consumers succeed, and to create a vibrant economy together with its partners and stakeholders.

Forging Ahead (FY 2014/15)

Forging Ahead is derived from the belief that at the turn of the decade in CCS's history, it will continue along the growth trajectory for the next 10 years as it has done in the past 10. CCS, along with its partners and stakeholders, will forge a vibrant and dynamic economy with innovative businesses.

On top of our game (FY 2013/14)

"On Top of Our Game" suggests the high level of competence and excellence CCS has proven - and continues to prove- in upholding competition policies across industries and advancing the Singapore economy in the process.

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Last Updated on 14 November 2017