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Market Studies

Market Inquiry on Retail Petrol Prices in Singapore (December 2017)

In 2015, CCS undertook a second market inquiry into the retail petrol market in Singapore, which aimed to understand the pricing process of petrol retailers and purchasing habits of motorists.

Market Inquiry on Car Parts in Singapore (December 2017)

The inquiry aimed to better understand how the car parts market in Singapore works and the effects of market features on competition.

Market Inquiry into the Supply of Formula Milk for Infants and Young Children in Singapore (May 2017)

This market inquiry sought to understand the Formula Milk supply chain in order to assess the nature of competition at each level of the supply chain, and thereafter provide recommendations to improve the functioning of competition in the Formula Milk market(s) in Singapore.

Market Study on the Airline Industry (February 2014)

This market study reviewed the current state of global and regional aviation markets, analysed the degree of competition on key routes flying through Singapore and examined whether certain joint ventures between airlines operating through Singapore have resulted in net economic benefit.

Industrial Property Market Study (April 2013)

In this paper, CCS analyses the structure, regulations and commercial practices of the industrial property market which covers industrial property types like flatted factories, warehouses and business parks, and reviews industry practices or regulations that may hamper or distort competition.

Inquiry into Retail Petrol Market in Singapore (May 2011)

An inquiry to better understand the dynamics of Singapore's retail petrol market, and assess its competitiveness.

Market Study on Retail Mall Rental Space in Singapore

Summary of Study and CCS' views (31 October 2008)

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