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Occasional Papers

Data: Engine for Growth – Implications for Competition Law, Personal Data Protection, and Intellectual Property Rights

Data is increasingly being recognised as an asset to businesses and an engine for economic growth with great potential to drive innovation and contribute to the transformation of industries in Singapore.

Competition in the Healthcare Sector in Singapore - An Explorative Case Study

This explorative case study explores the healthcare sector in Singapore from a competition law perspective.

The Role of Competition in Singapore's Economic Growth and Public Policies

This paper discusses how competition promotes economic growth, the complementarities between competition and other public policies, the limits of competition, and new considerations from the competition perspective in light of recent insights from behavioural economics, as well as from the growth of the sharing economy.

ICN 2016 Special Project on Government Advocacy and Disruptive Innovation

CCS, with the assistance of the International Competition Network (“ICN”) Advocacy Working Group and other ICN members, undertook a special project on government advocacy and disruptive innovations.

Quantifying the Benefits of Competition Enforcement and Advocacy

The quantification of the effects of the enforcement of competition laws and policies is being examined in many jurisdictions for disparate reasons. This paper focuses on an evaluation of ex-ante impact assessment with reference to cases in Singapore, which draws from the practices by competition authorities that publish regular appraisals.

Post-Action Evaluation of CCS's Merger Clearance in the Dialysis Market

This paper evaluates the development of the outpatient haemodialysis market for a period of 30 months after the merger to assess whether the merger has led to any adverse impact on competition in the market.

E-Commerce in Singapore - How it affects the nature of competition and what it means for competition policy

These research papers discuss the development of e-commerce in Singapore, the opportunities and challenges for businesses as a result of e-commerce, and the possible competition concerns that may arise due to the features of the online market.

Rebalancing Competition Policy to Stimulate Innovation and Sustain Growth

This paper explores the relationship between competition policy, innovation and economic growth specifically, how competition policy affects innovation, and how innovation affects the sustainability of economic growth.

Anything wrong with asking for the best price?

Most Favoured Nation (“MFN”) clauses have garnered considerable attention from competition regulators lately. In its basic form, MFN clause is a vertical agreement where one party to the contract agrees to provide terms to the other that are at least as favourable as those granted to any other party(s). These clauses are used in industries as diverse as the health insurance industry, media industry and gas industry.

Auction Design to Mitigate Competition Concerns and Enhance Efficiency and Revenue

This article focuses on the situation in which a seller runs the auction and buyers bid for single or multiple items being sold, and discusses proposals to mitigate competition concerns. In addition, similar proposals may be applicable when governments or businesses make purchases through procurement tenders/quotations.

Can Buyer Power be used as a Defence?

Explore in this paper if the concept of buyer power can, under certain limited circumstances, be used as a "defence" by undertakings on the opposite end of buyer power to avoid the finding of an infringement decision under the Singapore Competition Act.

Post-enforcement Evaluation Report

This is a report setting out some indicative findings of the impact of CCS’s infringement decisions on three cases, and a description of several methodologies that may be used in future to make post-enforcement evaluations.

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Last Updated on 29 March 2018