Charcoal Thai 1 Restaurant Ends Unfair Practice of Misleading Representations on Discount Period Following CCCS's Investigation

Following an investigation by the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore ("CCCS") of Charcoal Thai 1 restaurant, CCCS is of the view that Charcoal Thai 1 has breached section 4 of the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (Cap. 52A) ("CPFTA") read with paragraph 18 of the Second Schedule to the CPFTA, which states that it is an unfair practice to represent goods or services are available at a discount price for a stated period of time if the supplier knows or ought to know that the goods and services will continue to be so available for a substantially longer period.

CCCS has closed its investigation given that Charcoal Thai 1 has taken the necessary steps to adequately address CCCS's concerns.

Please refer to the media release for more details.

Infographic - What is a misleading representation on discount period?