Natural Salon Undertakes to Cease False and Misleading Claims on Prices and Right to Payment

An investigation by the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”) under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act 2003 (“CPFTA”) has found that Natural Salon Pte. Ltd. (“Natural Salon”), a hairdressing salon located in Bukit Panjang (now trading as “K Salon”), engaged in the following unfair practices between 16 May 2021 and 11 August 2021:

(a) Demanding payment for the supply of unsolicited hair service packages, and unsolicited hairstyling and hair washing services;

(b) Falsely representing to consumers that the “member price” of a haircut at its salon was a “new opening special” when the salon had been open for at least eight months; and

(c) Charging prices for haircuts or hair treatment packages that were substantially higher than the estimate provided to a consumer (i.e. $2 or $3 for the haircut, and $99 for the haircut and hairwash), without the consumer’s prior consent to the higher price.

Following CCCS’s investigation, Natural Salon took active steps to make changes to its business practices to comply with the CPFTA, including amending the banner with the false or misleading prices. Eventually, it removed the banner entirely. Natural Salon also fully refunded the consumers who were subjected to the unfair practices identified the paragraph above.


To address CCCS’s concerns arising from the investigation, Natural Salon has given an undertaking to CCCS.CCCS has accepted the undertaking and issued a warning to Natural Salon. 


Please refer to the media release for more details.




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