Proposed Cooperation Between Scoot Pte Ltd and Tiger Airways Singapore Pte Ltd


CCS 400/002/14

Notifying Date:

28 January 2014

Notifying Parties:

  • Scoot Pte. Ltd. (“Scoot”); and
  • Tiger Airways Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“Tigerair Singapore”), (collectively, the “Parties”).

Summary of the nature and objective of the agreement:

The Parties have entered into an Alliance Framework Agreement, pursuant to which the Parties agree to cooperate in relation to, among others, scheduling, pricing, sales and marketing, service policies, and other matters to improve the overall quality of service offered to passengers on the Parties’ respective operations.

The proposed cooperation is expected to result in significant consumer and economic benefits, and efficiencies. These include:

  • improved scheduling and efficiency on the routes on which the Parties currently operate;
  • expanded connectivity across the Parties’ networks to offer passengers a wider range of origin and destination city pair route options via Singapore, and improved scheduling on such routes;
  • expansion of the Parties’ existing networks through the introduction of new routes, and increased capacity across the Parties’ networks;
  • wider choices of flights for passengers and efficiencies in marketing and distribution channels; and
  • strengthening Singapore’s status as an air hub with improved connectivity to various international destinations.

The proposed cooperation relates to the provision of international air passenger transport services. The scope of the proposed cooperation will include all services operated by the respective Parties, with the exception of routes between Singapore and Australia.

"Please note that the summary of the proposed conduct is provided by the Applicants and does not reflect CCS' views towards the proposed agreement(s) or conduct"


On 8 August 2014, CCS issued a Clearance Decision on the Scoot-Tiger Airways Proposed Cooperation. The Grounds of Decision can be found here.

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