Public Consultation on Proposed Merger Regime

The public consultation on the proposed Merger Regime was held over a three-week period from 20 October to 10 November 2006. Please click here to access the media release.

The consultation materials are as follows:

Submissions received on the proposed merger regime:

CCS Response to the public submissions :

Clarifications on the guidelines can be found in the Guidelines Policy Paper.

Further Information:

Minister of State for Trade and Industry Mr S Iswaran announced on 27 September 2006 that the merger provisions under the Competition Act will come into effect from 1 July 2007. He touched on three of the key proposals:

  1. The Competition Act currently provides only for the voluntary notification of completed mergers. The CCS is considering accepting notifications for anticipated mergers.
  2. The CCS is considering to allow for commitments to be accepted so that a merger can proceed on condition that parties undertake specific actions to address the competition concerns identified.
  3. The CCS is considering a 2-phase approach for its merger assessment. This will allow straightforward mergers to be cleared quickly in the first phase. 

Click here for the full speech.