Water Filtration System Supplier Purexygen Pte. Ltd. Undertakes to Cease Unfair Practices

CCCS commenced an investigation under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act 2003 (“CPFTA”) against Purexygen Pte. Ltd. (“Purexygen”), a supplier of water dispensers, alkaline water filtration systems and maintenance service packages to consumers, and found that Purexygen had engaged in more than one of the following unfair practices between September 2021 to November 2023:

(a) Made false claims that its water filters were tested by testing bodies in the sales kit used by its salespersons in their sales pitches to consumers;

(b) Made misleading claims on the health benefits of alkaline or filtered water on Purexygen’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages including claims that alkaline or filtered water can help prevent health conditions such as osteoporosis, acid reflux, blood pressure conditions and diabetes;

(c) Misrepresented that its water faucet and water dispenser were free for a limited time in listings on Carousell, when the price benefit or advantage did not exist as the water faucet and water dispenser are provided to all Purexygen customers free of charge at all times;

(d) Misrepresented to consumers in the terms and conditions of service agreements that sums paid for the activation fee and maintenance service package under direct sales contracts were non-refundable, and omitted to inform consumers that they have a right to cancel direct sales contracts under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) (Cancellation of Contracts) Regulations 2009 and any sums paid under the cancelled contracts would have to be repaid to the consumers; and

(e) Misled a consumer by giving false excuses on its persistent delay in providing the consumer’s purchased water filters.

Following CCCS’s investigation, Purexygen has taken active steps to make changes to their business practices to ensure compliance with the CPFTA, including the removal of false claims from Purexygen’s sales kit, misleading promotion listings on Carousell, and misleading claims on the health benefits of alkaline or filtered water from its website, Facebook and Instagram pages, and providing the outstanding sets of water filters to the consumer.

In closing the case, CCCS has accepted the undertakings of Purexygen and its directors, and also issued warnings to Purexygen and its directors regarding the unfair practices. CCCS will take action if Purexygen or their directors breach the undertakings or engage in any other unfair practices.

Please refer to the media release for more details.


Infographics - False and Misleading Claims by Purexygen Pte. Ltd