Salon One Beauty Salon Undertakes to Cease False and Misleading Claims and Pressure Sales Tactics

An investigation by CCCS under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act 2003 (“CPFTA”) has found that Salon One Beauty Salon Pte. Ltd. located in Ang Mo Kio (“Salon One AMK”) and seven other related entities (collectively referred to as the “Salon One Entities") engaged in one or more of the following unfair practices between October 2017 to August 2022:


(a)    Falsely representing to consumers, through its marketing materials or staff, that there were price discounts for basic haircuts for members and non-members, where in fact, these perceived discounts never existed as they were discounted from prices that were never offered;


(b)   Making unsubstantiated representations on the Salon One Entities’ treatments including claims that their “Herbal Head Spa” treatment was able to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, brain stroke, cerebral infarction, cerebral thrombosis and cerebral hemorrhage, as well as enhance memory. Such representations were also made to certain consumers who were not able to reasonably ascertain if the claimed efficacy and health benefits of the treatments existed.


In the course of investigations, Salon One Entities took active steps to make changes to their business practices to ensure compliance with the CPFTA and removed all false or misleading claims in their marketing materials relating to price benefits, promotions and the efficacy of certain treatments in preventing medical conditions.


Salon One Entities have given an undertaking to CCCS to cease the unfair practices described above and not engage in any other unfair practices under the CPFTA. Its sole director, Ms. Tan Yawen, has also given an undertaking to CCCS that she will not engage in, abet, aid, permit or procure any of the Salon One Entities to engage in the identified unfair practices referred to above or any other unfair practices under the CPFTA.


CCCS has accepted the undertakings and issued a warning to the Salon One Entities after considering the facts of the case and the steps taken by the Salon One Entities to address CCCS’s concerns.


Please refer to the media release for more details.


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