Singapore Medical Association – Guidelines on Fees



Case Title

Singapore Medical Association – Guidelines on Fees

Notifying Date

5 February 2009

Notifying Parties

Singapore Medical Association ("SMA")

Summary of the nature and objective of the agreement

The SMA Guidelines on Fees for Doctors in Private Practice in Singapore (the “GOF”) recommends a range of fees (i.e. consultation fees, medicine fees, prescription fees, medical report fees, surgical fees, and doctor’s court appearance fees) for medical services and procedures.

The objective of the GOF is to safeguard the interests of patients through greater transparency of medical fees to reduce the information asymmetry between patients and medical practitioners. The SMA is of the view that there are net economic benefits and public interest considerations arising from the GOF.

The relevant services involved relates to medical services and procedures provided by medical practitioners in Singapore.


CCS has on 18 August 2010, formally advised SMA that the GOF would contravene the Section 34 prohibition of the Competition Act.

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