Tokyo Bust Express Gives Undertaking to CCCS to Cease False Claims and Pressure Sales Tactics

An investigation by the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”) under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act (“CPFTA”) revealed that Tokyo Bust Express Pte Ltd (“TBE”) had engaged in the following unfair practices:

(a) Making false and unsubstantiated representations that misled consumers about the qualities or benefits of certain TBE’s treatments and products. These representations related to how TBE’s treatments could increase customers’ bust cup sizes or prevent breast diseases (including cancer), and how certain ingredients in TBE’s products had bust enhancement effects.

(b) Exerting undue pressure on consumers to purchase its products and treatments.

In the course of investigations, CCCS noted that TBE made changes in its business practices to ensure compliance with the CPFTA. Furthermore, to address CCCS’s concerns arising from the investigation, TBE has given an undertaking to CCCS that it will, amongst other things, stop engaging in the identified unfair practices.

After carefully considering the facts of the case and the steps taken by TBE to address CCCS’s concerns, CCCS has decided to close its investigation. However, CCCS will initiate further investigations against TBE if it breaches the undertaking or if it engages in any other unfair practices.

Please refer to the media release for more details.


Infographics - False/Unsubstantiated Claims about Attributes of Products/Services & Pressure Sales Tactics