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In The Act Issue 6

In The Act (Issue 6)

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In The Act Issue 5

In The Act (Issue 5)

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In the Act Issue 7

In The Act (Issue 7)

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CCCS In the Act Issue 8 Cover Image

In The Act (Issue 8)

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Issue 2 In the Act

In the Act (Issue 2)

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Newsletter Issue 3 tmbnl

In The Act (Issue 3)

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Are FRAND commitments applicable outside the SEPs domain – An Economic Perspective

This research paper shows that the circumstances that give rise to the economic justification for the use of FRAND commitments in SEP cases are not unique, but instead are also present in some non-SEP cases such as those involving vertical effects in mergers and acquisitions, or abuse of dominance conduct such as refusal to supply.

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International Standards: Catalyst or Barrier for Innovative Entrepreneurship in Singapore?

This research, under the CCCS inaugural Research Grant 2018, considers whether and how international standards, specifically those of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), can function as a catalyst or barrier to innovative entrepreneurship in Singapore.

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