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Booklet 1 Competition Act at a Glance tmbnl


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Be a Fair Trader Tmbnl

Be A Fair Trader

Avoid These Common Unfair Trade Practices

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Online Shopping

Online shopping

Online shopping is convenient but it also has risks

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Fair Trading Poster tmbnl

Fair Trading

Conduct your Business with Peace of Mind

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Motorcar Purchase Poster

Motorcar Purchase

Find out four tips to protect youself

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SPA Wellness Beauty Poster tmbnl

Spa Wellness Beauty

Find out how you can protect yourself when purchasing spa packages

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Unfair Trading Poster

Unfair Trading

What can you do if you experience unfair trading?

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Booklet 1 Competition Act at a Glance tmbnl

Booklet 1: Competition Act at a Glance

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Booklet 2 Key Prohibitions thumbnail

Booklet 2: Key Prohibitions under the Competition Act Explained

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