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Booklet 1 Competition Act at a Glance tmbnl


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Booklet 2 Key Prohibitions thumbnail

Booklet 2: Key Prohibitions under the Competition Act Explained

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Booklet 3 Protect your Business thumbnail

Booklet 3: What You can do to Protect Your Business

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Business Collaboration Guidance Note Brochure [Chinese]

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Foiled Thumbnail


Read the dark side of abusive tactics of a dominant party and how CCCS foiled the activity.

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想购买美容服务? 先了解伤害消费者的不公平交易行为! 此外,看看交换商业敏感信息的竞争对手怎样遇到麻烦

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Fused Thumbnail


Two lovebirds unite in love as they merge their businesses. Find out if their merger affects competition.

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Fixed Thumbnail


Price fixing comes alive in manga! "Fixed" was designed to reach out to audience with a storyline that is simple yet fast-paced.

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Freed Thumbnail


Another new exciting edition of the CCCS Manga series which highlights the CCCS's Leniency Programme.

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