Market Inquiry on Retail Petrol Prices in Singapore

In 2011, CCS published its findings of its inquiry into the competitive landscape and regulatory structures of the retail petrol market in Singapore. The report of the first market inquiry can be found here.

In 2015, CCS undertook a second market inquiry into the retail petrol market in Singapore, which aimed to understand the pricing process of petrol retailers and purchasing habits of motorists. The interim findings from this second inquiry was published on 23 February 2016. CCS has since concluded and released the findings from its second inquiry into the retail petrol market in Singapore. Although the information available to CCS does not indicate collusion between the petrol retailers in Singapore, there is scope to increase transparency of effective retail petrol prices which will allow consumers to make more informed choices and encourage a more competitive market. A detailed report of CCS’s findings is available here.

In the course of the market inquiry, CCS also commissioned Forbes Research Pte. Ltd. to conduct a consumer survey in Singapore. The consumer survey report can be found here.