Data: Engine for Growth – Implications for Competition Law, Personal Data Protection, and Intellectual Property Rights

Data is increasingly being recognised as an asset to businesses and an engine for economic growth with great potential to drive innovation and contribute to the transformation of industries in Singapore.

Aligned with the Whole-of-Government efforts to promote the adoption of data analytics and data sharing, CCS undertook a research project to understand the data landscape in Singapore. In collaboration with the Personal Data Protection Commission, Singapore, and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, CCS also sought to explore in its research paper, the implications of the proliferation of data analytics and data sharing on competition policy and law, personal data protection regulation and intellectual property law in Singapore. A copy of the research paper can be found here.  

As part of its research, CCS commissioned KPMG Services Pte. Ltd. (“KPMG”) to conduct a study on the data landscape in Singapore, by gathering feedback from the relevant stakeholders on the use of data analytics, data sharing and data monetisation. The KPMG report can be found here.