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Conducting a Compliance Programme

What is a compliance programme? 

A compliance programme provides a formal internal framework for ensuring that businesses, i.e. the management and individual employees, comply with competition law. It may include elements such as training to raise awareness of the law, the use of checklists to ensure compliance by individual staff with company policies, recording systems to document any permitted contacts that staff have with competitors, and independent reviews of agreements, behaviour and staff to monitor ongoing compliance. These elements are discussed below.

Why have a compliance programme? 

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What are the hallmarks of an effective compliance programme? 

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How can my business proceed to put a compliance programme in place?

Information on the different types of compliance programme is extensively available on the Internet. You may also wish to consider seeking professional advice from a legal adviser or a compliance specialist. Putting a compliance programme in place should be seen as the start of an ongoing process, rather than an end in itself. The programme must be ongoing and sufficiently flexible to adapt to the changing requirements of the business. The regular evaluation process should ensure that the compliance programme continues to be relevant to the company's business. 

Will the CCCS endorse any compliance programmes? 

The CCCS does not endorse individual compliance programmes, but may refer to individual examples of best practice from time to time in its general communications.

You may wish to refer to CCCS’s publications on Competition Compliance Programmes:

For more resources on competition compliance, you can refer to :  

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Last Updated on 15 November 2018