AsLEA Conference Breakout session: Competition Issues in ASEAN

AsLEA breakout session speakers

Academics and researchers were invited to submit research papers/articles on competition issues in ASEAN, which were presented at a breakout session during the 15th Asian Law and Economics Association (AsLEA) Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Numerous submissions were received, and the papers selected for presentation included topics relating to cross-border competition enforcement, harmonization of competition laws in ASEAN, competition and innovation, as well as leniency. The breakout session was moderated by Dr. Tan Hi Lin, Director, Policy and Markets Division, CCCS.

The presenters were:

> Dr. Hesty Diyah Lestari, from the Faculty of Law, the University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Indonesia who presented the paper “Cross-border Competition Enforcement in ASEAN and the Harmonization of ASEAN Competition Laws”

> Mr. Tristan Canare, from the AIM Policy Center, Asian Institute of Management, the Philippines who presented the paper “Does Competition Promote or Hinder Innovation? Evidence from SMEs in the Philippines”

> Dr. Benjamin Jr Radoc from the Philippine Competition Commission who presented the paper “To squeal or not to squeal: an experiment on leniency”

AsLEA breakout session group photo