Cooperate with CCCS

CCCS has been conferred with substantial powers to administer and enforce the Competition Act. In this section, you will find information on how you can cooperate with CCCS.


Most of CCCS’s enforcement work relate to infringements of the Act by undertakings. Notwithstanding this, CCCS also monitors the structural competitiveness of markets in Singapore, and may require businesses and other organisations to provide information to help us in our analysis.  


You do not have to be unduly alarmed if CCCS approaches you for information. Frequently, the requests relate to informal queries to clarify the situation or help us gather more information on particular market sectors for research purposes.


Where CCCS is exercising its formal powers, it will always involve written documents setting out the reason(s) for the request. This may relate to a suspected infringement either in connection with your company or another undertaking. It may also be for the purposes of understanding the structure of markets we are monitoring. 

You are advised to always co-operate when approached by CCCS. In the case of formal notices, failure to co-operate or comply is a criminal offence which may be punishable with a fine or imprisonment.


You may wish to refer to the CCCS Guidelines on Powers of Investigation in Competition Cases 2016 for more information.