CCCS's Past Advisories

 Advisory to EnterpriseSG on Last-Mile Delivery Vehicle Sharing amongst Logistics Service Providers
 Advisory to Government Agency on Evaluation of Joint Tender Submissions
 Working with EnterpriseSG on Job Sharing amongst Hauliers
 Advisory to Government Agency on Adoption of New Technology
 Advisory to Government Agency on Proposed Merger under Funding Agreement
 Advisory to Government Agency on Proposed Distribution Arrangement between a Distributor and Manufacturers
 Advisory to NEA on its Beverage Container Take-back Scheme
 Advice to URA on the development of a more competitive environment for the deployment of electric vehicle (“EV”) charging infrastructure
 Advisory to Government Agency on Determining Fair Rates for Services
 Advice to MOH on Initiative to Extend Subsidies for Vaccinations to Community Health Assist Scheme General Practitioners
 Advice to BCA on Recognition of Accreditation Schemes for Managing Agents Initiative
 Advisory to Government Agency on Sponsorship Arrangements
 Advisory to Government Agency on Restrictive Tender Specifications
 Advice to PUB on Water Closet Installation Rates
 Advice to NEA on its Proposed E-Waste Management System
 Advice to HDB on establishing a panel of contingency weighbridge operators
 Advice to STB on the improvements to the publication of hotel industry information 
 Advice to ECDA on POP scheme
 Advice to MOM and WDA on Jobsbank
 Advice to MND on Level of Consultancy Fees in the Built Environment Sector
 Advice to MTI on SBF’s Fair Tenancy Framework
 Advice to EDB on an Aggregated Data Sharing Portal
 Monetary Authority of Singapore
 National Parks Board
 Workplace Safety and Health Council