Strategic Thrusts and Desired Outcomes

Strategic Thrusts

CCCS strives to achieve its desired outcome through these 5 key strategic thrusts:

1. Enhancing the competition and consumer protection regulatory and enforcement regime to ensure they remain relevant and robust within an evolving economic and technological landscape

2. Shaping government policies and initiatives to address competition issues and safeguard consumers’ interests

3. Widening and deepening stakeholder engagements to foster a culture of competition and fair trading practices

4. Strengthening relationships with key international partners to promote the global and regional development of competition and consumer protection

5. Nurturing our people and transforming CCCS to be ready for the future

Desired Outcomes

Efficient markets where suppliers compete on merit and consumers are able to make well-informed choices
Markets where suppliers compete fairly through competitive merits such as efficiency, innovation, better services, etc (and not through anti-competitive and unfair trade practices), and consumers are provided with clear, correct and sufficient information by suppliers to make well-informed decisions.

Regulatory ecosystem that facilitates open and contestable markets, and safeguards consumers’ interests
A conducive regulatory ecosystem where government agencies take due consideration of the impact of their policies and regulations on competition and consumer protection in their policy-formulation or decision-making to ensure markets remain open and contestable and consumers’ interests are safeguarded.

Excellent and nurturing organisation that is future ready and has international influence
A well-respected competition and consumer protection authority that is recognised locally and internationally for its competence, rigour and effectiveness, with a laudable track record. Outside of Singapore, we strive to play a strong influential role to drive harmonisation of competition and consumer protection policies in ASEAN, and to contribute to best practices on competition and consumer protection policies and laws in the international fora. Internally, we nurture our people through growth and development opportunities, and provide them with a supportive and fulfilling environment to realise their full potential. We also continuously improve the way we work by transforming, innovating and digitalising our systems and processes to remain efficient and to be future-ready.