Competition Matters – CCCS Chief Executive in New Zealand

The New Zealand Commerce Commission hosted the biennial conference “Competition Matters” on competition, consumer, and regulation where key players in the domestic and international community came together to discuss topics that affect consumers and businesses.

panel 1 state of the nation

Panel - State of the Nation

The panel, consisting of heads of agencies, including CCCS's Chief Executive Mr Toh Han Li, discussed their key priorities and challenges in light of evolving markets and the changing dynamics of business and the behaviour and needs of consumers. The discussion also canvassed a variety of current issues such as how agencies connect with consumers, as well as how agencies are addressing the challenges of the evolving markets.

panel 2 why does competition matter

Panel - Why does competition really matter?

This session tackled the macro issue of how the work and outcomes achieved by regulatory agencies fit into a living standards framework. Providing perspectives from Singapore, Mr Toh spoke about how competition policy and law keeps the economy competitive at the macro level and also supports the diversification of sources of supply. Mr Toh said that competition authorities can promote competition in markets and lower barriers to entry and that competition and consumer authorities can enable consumer choice.