Archive: Past Occasional Papers/Research Papers

 Year Title of Publication Topic
 Oct 2016  Competition in the Healthcare Sector in Singapore - An Explorative Case Study  Exploring the healthcare sector in Singapore from a competition law perspective
 Oct 2016  The Role of Competition in Singapore's Economic Growth and Public Policies Research collaboration with CSC on the role of competition 
 2016  ICN 2016 Special Project on Government Advocacy and Disruptive Innovation Better understand ICN Members' perspective on disruptive innovation 
 May 2016  Quantifying the Benefits of Competition Enforcement and Advocacy Evaluation of ex-ante impact assessment with reference to cases in Singapore
 April 2016  Post-Action Evaluation of CCS's Merger Clearance in the Dialysis Market Impact of CCCS's interventions on affected markets particularly in haemodialysis treatment
 Nov 2015  Rebalancing Competition Policy to Stimulate Innovation and Sustain Growth Relationship between competition policy, innovation and economic growth
 Oct 2015  E-Commerce in Singapore - How it affects the nature of competition and what it means for competition policy Impact of e-commerce activities on business
 Aug 2015  Anything wrong with asking for the best price? Effects of Most Favoured Nation (MFN) clauses on market competition 
 May 2015  Auction Design to Mitigate Competition Concerns and Enhance Efficiency and Revenue Competition concerns in auction design 
 Jan 2014  Can Buyer Power be used as a Defence?  Buyer power in context of Singapore competition law 
 Aug 2013  Post-enforcement Evaluation Report Impact of CCCS's interventions on affected markets in Singapore