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Making Markets Work Well: A 4 part series

Booklet 1: Competition Act at a Glance

What is the Competition Act? What are the investigation powers of CCCS? Are there private actions for damages? These answers and more can be found in this booklet.

Booklet 2: Key Prohibitions under the Competition Act Explained

What are the three types of anti-competitive conduct prohibited under the Act? Understand why businesses should be familiar with the do's and don'ts of the Act. Know how to contact CCCS if you suspect of any anti-competitive conduct.

Booklet 3: What You can do to Protect Your Business

Learn how you can do better business with the Competition Compliance Programme and how to implement an effective one in your workplace. Also, find out more about the CCCS Leniency Programme and Reward Scheme and how to seek guidance and decision from CCCS.

Booklet 4: Competition Act and Government Agencies

What are the benefits of competition? Understand how government participation in markets impact competition and how government agencies can seek advice from CCCS. Also, find out what are the other services that CCCS provide for government agencies.


完善的竞争法规制度有助确保公平的竞争环境,使企业基于自身优点公平竞争,而不会遭遇反竞争行为所产生的扭曲和障碍。 这样的环境让所有企业都拥有发展和成功的平等机会。

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Last Updated on 24 May 2016