Meet Cindy, the lawyer from the Legal Division

How would you describe the culture at CCCS?

Every workplace has its own distinct work culture which is shaped by the organisation’s priorities and values, as well as people’s attitude towards work. In my opinion, the culture at CCCS is largely driven by the emphasis placed on teamwork (which is a core value here), and the fact that the community is small and close-knit (everyone knows everyone). So, if I had to describe the culture at CCCS, I’d use the following words/phrases: ‘collaborative’, ‘supportive’ and ‘challenging-but-fun’!

Having been in the private sector, what would you say is the key difference working in CCCS?

I think the key difference for me would have to be the nature of the work. For example, as a lawyer in CCCS, my work includes conducting investigations and drafting CCCS’s decisions. I also get to be involved in reviewing/modifying CCCS’s guidelines and practices. Personally, (as someone who read competition law as a student in the UK) I find it really exciting to be able to play a part in matters that I know would have a direct contribution to the development of competition law and policy in Singapore.

CCCS provides equal and diverse opportunities for our people to grow, both personally and professionally. What development opportunities were you given in CCCS?

CCCS offers many training and development opportunities. For me, one of the most memorable would have to be an attachment to Brick Court Chambers in London back in 2014. I shadowed a QC and experienced first-hand the work involved in preparing for proceedings before the UK Competition Appeals Tribunal. More recently, I had the privilege of being seconded to the New Zealand Commerce Commission (NZCC) for one month. In addition to being an eye-opening learning experience, it was a great opportunity for networking/relationship building (and for exploring New Zealand!).

If you have to give advice to a new recruit, what would it be?

Be prepared to do work which comes with a steep learning curve (and which may, at times, feel thankless). Stay focused - remember that it’s for a good cause and we’re in this together [#teamwork #corevalue]! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to express views/propose actions that you believe to be right.