Meet James, the economist from the Policy & Markets Division

You have been exposed to different job opportunities and development opportunities in CCCS, tell us more?

CCCS places a strong focus on personal development through job rotation and an array of training opportunities. I started off my career as an officer in the strategy planning unit where I was lucky to work on some key projects during the orgnisation’s re-visioning and missioning exercise. I later moved to the Policy & Markets division where I could pursue my interest in policy and economic analysis. To better prepare for the role, I also took up CCCS’s sponsorship to pursue my Post Graduate Diploma and Masters in Economics with two universities in the United Kingdom.

What motivates you to come to work every day?

The challenging and varied nature of work where almost every case deals with a different industry and requires a different approach to economic analysis.

What is the most memorable case that you have done in CCCS?

It will be difficult to single out any one of them. One of the many memorable cases is the market study into the formula milk for infants and young children where the case team worked with many government agencies to implement various policy changes to improve competition.

If you have to give advice to a new recruit, what would it be?

Cases can be complex so remain open and eager to learn from others and tap on the training opportunities available to become better at your job. Also, prepare looser pants because you will definitely gain weight with all the good food in the area.