Anti-Competitive Agreements

Status Date Title Type Status
12 Dec 2016 Proposed Joint Venture between Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Singapore Airlines Limited Notification Pending
8 Jan 2016 CCS Imposes Penalties on Ball Bearings Manufacturers Involved in International Cartel Investigation Closed - Appeal Decision Issued
12 Sep 2014 Proposed Strategic Alliance between Cebu Air, Inc. and Tiger Airways Singapore Pte. Ltd. Notification Closed - Decision Issued
11 Dec 2014 CCS Fines 10 Freight Forwarders for Price Fixing Investigation Closed - Infringement Decision Issued
16 Oct 2014 Proposed Commercial Alliance between Etihad Airways PJSC and Jet Airways (India) Limited Notification Closed - Decision Issued
17 Apr 2014 Proposed Strategic Alliance between Singapore Airlines Limited and Air New Zealand Limited Notification Closed - Decision Issued
6 Feb 2014 Proposed Cooperation Between Scoot Pte Ltd and Tiger Airways Singapore Pte Ltd Notification Closed - Decision Issued
18 Sep 2013 Notification for Decision by Visa Worldwide Pte. Ltd. of its Multilateral Interchange Fee system Notification Closed - Decision Issued
5 Sep 2013 Proposed conduct between Qantas Airways Limited and Jetstar Airways Pty Limited in relation to the Jetstar Pan-Asia Strategy Notification Closed - Decision Issued
24 Apr 2013 Notification for Guidance in relation to the Digital Memorandum of Understanding between Music Publishers (S) Ltd, the Composer and Authors Society of Singapore Ltd and 12 music publishers Notification Withdrawn